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Last Modified: 5/15/2020

By using our website or chats, you agree to follow all of our rules and any changes we make to them in the future. We reserve the right of admission and the right to modify or delete any published content without notice.

General Rules of Conduct

Participating, facilitating, or encouraging others to engage in any activity that violates any law or regulation will result in a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to, talking about breaking game rules and jeopardizing the security or privacy of our members.

Our website and chats are international. We want to keep conversations adequate for a family environment. We do not allow any type of NSFW content. Any inappropriate comments, photos or videos will receive an admonishment and in severe cases could result in a ban. In member fights, both will be admonished no matter who started.

SPAM is the publication of repeated or irrelevant content. We do not allow the use of our website or chats to ask someone to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, to discuss sensitive topics such as religion, politics, sex, drugs, cruelty, etc. nor to publish related images or videos. Individuals who have echo, yelling, or background noise in our voice chats could be silenced.

Asking our members for money or game items on or off our website or chats will result in an immediate ban. For information on our ranks, review Ranks of The Latin Empire.

We do not support any type of blacklist nor are we interested in hearing about problems that occurred with people outside our community. If you have a problem with someone within our community, please speak privately with an administrator and do not discuss the issue in our chats.

If you disagree with something someone on our staff said or did, please contact our administration through the support system; do not discuss the issue in the presence of others. It is strictly prohibited to act as a moderator or impersonate any of our staff.

Promoting websites, chat servers, products or services without the authorization of the community owner is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, unsolicited private message invitations to our members or invitations as your game status on our Discord.

The organizer of an event must announce the requirements, rules and chats that will be used during the event before starting. We respect the authority of the organizers at their events and will never tell them who will be able to participate, but if a problem occurs with an organizer or during an event please contact our administration through our support system.

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